Bachelor of Arts, Department of Music

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Program Mission

The mission of the Music Program is to guide students to various career options in music and to prepare them for entrance into graduate music study. Graduates of the program will have developed their musicianship and performance skills and acquired a knowledge of music as an art form.

Degree Objectives

  • Provide students with educational opportunities, performance experiences, and expectation of standards on a national level to prepare them for entrance into study on the graduate level and/or preparation for a professional career in music.
  • Provide professional training for those students desiring to teach PreK–12 general music through the Bachelor of Music Education degree program.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to perform in ensembles, participate in music courses and applied music, and attend musical events for their cultural development.
  • Attend musical events for their cultural development.


John F. Paul, D.M.A.
Professor & Chair
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Other Department Offerings

  • Music (B.A.) - Liturgical Music Specialization 
  • Music (B.A.)  - Music Composition Specialization
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
  • Minor in Music