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The Net Price Calculator is designed to help you estimate the financial aid you are eligible to receive at Benedictine College. The Net Price Calculator is a good faith estimate designed to help begin your financial planning to attend Benedictine College. The accuracy of the estimated aid depends on the accuracy of the figures you provide.

The Net Price Calculator

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36 ACT or National Merit Finalist$34,000$34,000$34,000$34,000$34,000$34,000$34,000
35 ACT / 1530 SAT / 111 CLT$21,000$21,000$19,000$19,000$16,000$16,000$16,000
32 ACT / 1420 SAT / 102 CLT$21,000$19,000$19,000$19,000$16,000$16,000$16,000
28 ACT / 1300 SAT / 92 CLT$19,000$19,000$16,000$16,000$16,000$16,000$14,000
24 ACT/ 1160 SAT / 79 CLT$19,000$16,000$16,000$16,000$14,000$14,000$14,000
20 ACT / 1030 SAT / 63 CLT$16,000$16,000$16,000$16,000$14,000$14,000$12,000
18 ACT / 960 SAT / 55 CLT$16,000$16,000$16,000$14,000$14,000$12,000$12,000

*This table provides a rough estimate of possible financial aid for general information purposes only. There are many variables and considerations, so please use the aid estimate calculator (on this page) and talk to your Financial Aid specialist for a final estimate of your aid.

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